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Medical Tourism

Thailand is rapidly emerging as an international business hub, with medical tourism being among the fastest growing industries. With mile upon mile of white sand, extensive shopping and dining facilities and accommodation to meet all budgets, Phuket is one of the key locations for those looking to combine their holiday with medical treatment.

Prices are significantly lower than in the western world, yet the standard of treatment is often better, certainly a lot cheaper and generally has little to no waiting period.

From health check ups to detoxification retreats, and from holistic, alternative or minor cosmetic procedures, to major surgery with highly experienced medical professionals using the most modern equipment available, virtually all your medical needs can be met at one of Phuket’s international hospitals, private clinics or health and detoxification centers.

Why wait for costly procedures in your home country when you can instead take care of your health at the same time as you holiday – saving both time and money?

Anti –aging

The BDC Skin and Rejuvenation Center

Located within Bangkok Phuket Hospital, the BDC Skin and Rejuvenation Center offers some of the most sought after anti-aging solutions. They combine holistic eastern and modern western treatments, with the most technologically advanced equipment available.

Staff are trained to international standards. Many have been educated in countries such as the USA and Australia, and all speak fluent English.

Example of treatments available:


By stimulating vital points along the Meridien lines mapped out in traditional Chinese medicine, energy is released to boost overall good health and immunity, aid emotional balance and promote healing. Treatment may be accompanied with aromatherapy.

Thai Herbal Detoxification Treatments

A blend of Thai healing herbs is utilised during massage and body scrubs to nourish the skin, unblock underlying energy channels and aid in skin detoxification by relieving pain and inflammation.

For more information, see

Cosmetic anti-aging procedures

There are many private skin rejuevanation clinics around Phuket that cater extensively to international clientele. Botox injections can even out fine lines by tightening skin and paralysing the muscles than tense to create wrinkles. They last anywhere from 6-12 months. Treatments are quick and easy, with little pain, and come at a far reduced cost than in the western world. Alternatively, collagen injections can be used to physically fill wrinkles, and are particularly useful on the area surrounding the mouth.

Skin rejuvenation clinics also offer age defying treatments such as skin peels and laser rejuvenation, in addition to other non age related treatments, such as laser hair removal.

Clinics are plentiful, and can be found within the international hospitals, around Phuket town and in the two largest shopping malls, Central Festival and Jung Ceylon.

The APEX skin clinic on the second floor of Central Festival is among the most popular.

Dental Treatment

Dentistry; both cosmetic and reconstructive, is one of the most sought after treatments by those vacationing in Phuket. This growing industry is reflected by the sheer number of private dental practices around the island. Prices vary depending on whether you opt for a dentist within an international hospital or at a private clinic, but treatment is always performed to international standards.

Should more extensive treatment than a simple check up or tooth whitening be required, the cost of private dental treatment in Phuket, even after factoring in airfares and accommodation expenses, often works out cheaper than the treatment costs alone in your home country.

An hour is all that is needed for a full dental check up and deep clean, and procedures such as tooth whitening also take approximately one hour.

Recommended practices offering dental work around Phuket:

Bangkok Hospital Phuket Dental Center. Covers both general and more specific dental work. Only the most advanced equipment is used, which far surpasses international standards.

Dental Sea Clinic. This smaller clinic is in Patong Beach. It provides a cheaper alternative for more standard procedures, but dental facilities are still among the most advanced available.

Wellness check-ups

Quick, easy, and with rapid diagnostic results, extensive health check ups take little time and will not interfere with your vacation. These tests involve scans, blood work and various monitoring with the most up to date equipment available, all of which can prove too costly to undergo in countries such as the US, Australia and Europe.

Among other procedures, expect to receive physical, mental and dental check ups, liver, kidney and thyroid tests, blood tests and analysis and an EKG.

Potential problems can be detected at an early and treatable stage, often before there are even symptoms evident. Doctors at the two international hospitals that offer these check ups are experienced, and trained to international standards.
programs are tailored towards men or women, with extra or additional tests available should you have any specific concerns. Computerized reports and x-rays are produced for every check up.
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