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Nai Harn Beach sits in stark comparison to the busy and bustling Patong Beach on Phuket's west coast. Quiet and tranquil, this curving stretch of powder sand, which reaches just under one kilometer in length, is one of the island's most underrated havens. Framed by the Royal Phuket Yacht Club to the easterly side, and a natural rocky outcrop to the west, Nai Harn is undeniably beautiful and is among the best places on Phuket to truly get away from it all.

Although relatively quiet, Nai Harn is anything but boring. There may not be the excess of jet skis and other such water activities as elsewhere on the island, but opportunities to enjoy the quieter aspects of the sea are plentiful. Windsurfing, kayaking and snorkeling are all popular, and can be easily arranged from the tour agency at the front of the beach.

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Many guests of The Sands take advantage of the spirit of fitness that fills the early morning air, when temperatures are cool and few are about. Condo balcony runners, cyclists and walkers head to the beach to join joggers and yogis. Martial artists and Tai Chi practitioners regularly make Nai Harn Beach their chosen site to practice.

Throughout the day, sailing boats pass the beach on their way to the Royal Phuket Yacht Club. Many anchor in time for sunset, when dramatic reds and oranges reflect off sails and bounce off the calm waters of the bay. By twilight, the beach is virtually deserted, and nighttime strolls are framed by the twinkling lights of distant fishing boats sparkling on the horizon.

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Thailand's traditional massage differs from European massage for its emphasis on stretching, and on focused pressure work on certain points across the body. It is an effective way to loosen muscles, release tension and simply relax and be pampered in a way that not only feels fantastic, but also produces a range of health benefits.

To increase the positive effects of Thai massage, many therapists recommend that you spend some time in a herbal steam sauna. This can warm muscles and loosen joints before a massage, or can aid the body in releasing the toxins already kneaded out during your massage. Particularly popular is the nearby Sauna Bar, situated in the heart of Nai Harn Village. This herbal, wood-fired steam sauna is open late into the evening, and reasonable prices mean that many make visiting it a part of their nightly ritual.
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Total Body Detoxification at The Sands Nai harn beach Phuket Thailand

Phuket Cleanse, only a 5-minute drive from The Sands, is a stunning small resort that offers a fitness and nutritional cleanse. After one day of doing an “active cleanse,” you will feel like a new person. An active cleanse is the newest prototype in detox. During your time at Phuket Cleanse, you will detox naturally and experience a fitness holiday through a five-part protocol:

Release toxins through amazing cardio sweat sessions, through detox supplements, as well as herbal steam saunas.

Rebuild your system with superfood organic nutrition.

Reshape your body through body sculpting workouts.

Recharge your body through yoga, hot yoga, meditation, massage and reflexology.

Re-create the image of yourself through meditation and other Inner Playground work, such as NLP and other personal development strategies.

Go to to learn more about this wonderful experience. Check out their reviews on TripAdvisor to see how good they are.

Muay Thai - Thai boxing Phuket Thailand

Thai Boxing Muay Thai Phuket ThailandThe option to have a metabolism boosting fitness vacation during your stay at The Sands is available by enrolling in a program at Phuket Raw Fitness and enjoying their new Muay Thai Cardio classes. There are other camps in the area as well (places like Rawai Muay Thai Boxing Camp, Sinbi Boxing Camp, and Lion Muay Thai Boxing Camp).

Phuket Raw Fitness is a mere 5-minute walk from The Sands and offers training programs to people of various fitness levels. Sessions with a personal trainer last for one hour, two hours, or more each day, and a number of one off sessions throughout the week are available for those who would like to try this unique martial art in a single lesson. A background in Thai boxing and a strong fitness level are not required to enter the program.

You can learn more about Phuket Raw Fitness at